Sci-fi Fate

So there we were...

They knew the minute the blip appeared on their scanners that the Dame would be trouble. They tried to talk some sense into her, but she had her own ideas. When she opened fire, Kaja threw power to the engines and dove, Sheila lurching like a pirate on shore leave. No use, of course, the Dame Madeline was bigger, tougher and faster.

They boarded through the cargo hold, cutting Sheila open like tin can and pouring through like whiskey on a wound. The crew put up a fight of course, but eventually, wounded and winded, they retreated to the bridge for a last stand.

It wasn’t til the smoke cleared that they were able to take stock. All in all, half a dozen of the rent-a-thugs were dead, and Sheila was dead in space. A quick survey of the functioning scanners showed an empty cargo hold, a missing mysterious briefcase, and little chance at survival.

In the end, it was hard to tell what Kaja was angrier about. The empty cargo hold represented a major setback, but beating up on a lady like Sheila just wasn’t done. When she recognized Nikita, a low-rent leg breaker for Volkov among the dead, she knew who she had to hurt.

And then a spider fell off the ceiling. It was gray like a winter’s day, but the arc welders on its legs were more like lightning out of a summer sky: hot, loud and deadly. With weapons scavenged from the dead, the crew took the fight to the sabotage bots, sweeping the ship and restoring power and gravity. Magnus even donned a space suit and swept the outer hull, ensuring that the rest of the bots left behind by their mysterious attackers were dealt with before they could tear the ship apart.

It was only after the immediate danger passed that they discovered that the bots bore Edgars Industries trademarks. All eyes turned toward the two Edgars agents in their midst…

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