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Campaign aspects:

Revenge is Good

Corporate Overlords

Faces and Places:

Shiela – Spaceship belonging to Kaja
– Smuggler’s Delight
– Collection of Patchwork Parts

Edgars IndustriesDetective Edie Featherstone’s corporate overlord
– A Hand in Every Pie
– Legality is for the Courts to Decide

Genevera and ArthurDetective Edie Featherstone’s corporate handlers
– Always Watching
– Lightning Fast Planning
– Wheels Within Wheels

Nathan Bjork – Former manager of Magnus
– Hit the Bottle
– Bargain Basement Cyborg

Volkov – Criminal kingpin and Kaja’s former boss
– Kingpin of Beta 6
– No One Crosses Volkov

Beta 6 – Frontier colony planet that has positioned itself as a shipping hub and no-regulations industrial boomtown
– Frontier Shipping Hub
– Industrial Boomtown

Ian Grace – A survivor of the psychic concentration camps, and rumored to be dead and/or a collaborator. Either way, not a pleasant individual.
– Survive at any cost
– Iron Psychic Control

Main Page

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